Advice for getting the most out of your wedding band!
Advice for getting the most out of your wedding band!
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September 16, 2021
Ella Marie Stubbs
Hello, lovelies! How is your week going? We’re still super (duper!) busy with weddings, which is very much appreciated after missing such beautiful days last year.

With wedding planning back in full swing for many couples, we thought we’d pop onto our pretty pages to glean a little advice onto wedding bands (the music kind!).

You’ll find that there is so much to organising a wedding. And, with each little item on your wedding checklist, there’s a small army of sub-items to check, too. The same of course, goes for your wedding entertainment, and your wedding band.

For example, planning when your band will start to play, or if you’ll need a DJ afterwards, and how all of that ties in with foodbecause as much as we love a dance, we really can’t wait for the meal, right?!

So, without further ado, we’ll get on with sharing some our our own ‘top tips’ for getting the most from your wedding band. We hope this helps you on your exciting, wedding planning journey.

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Be chilled about the set list:

Chances are, you’ve checked out your bands’ repertoire in advance and generally like what they play.

So, do go through it and give them a list of your top picks – as well as a ‘do-not-play’ list.

Try to resist being too rigid. A great professional wedding band will know how to build the party and should feel able to add a track or two they know works if the crowd aren’t feeling it.

They will also work with you to nail a set list that’s great for everyone and cater for your own tastes. Unless you’re sticking to a particular style or genre, your band should provide a wide range of song choices to keep everyone happy – from grandparents to Emo-loving teenage guests.

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If you haven’t yet considered music beyond your evening party, you’re missing out.

Live music really ramps up the emotion and atmosphere at your ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast.

Get more band for your buck by choosing an artist that can offer ceremony performances and low-key daytime sets, as well as a lively, full band party performance.

Likewise, most professional bands offer a DJ service for late night dancing, as well as a full band set.

You’ll save some money by getting the band to multi-task instead of hiring in someone else. Plus, you’ll have fewer logistics to deal with. Win, win – we say!

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Avoid a bar-band split:

Booking a venue where your band and your bar are in the same room will guarantee a party atmosphere all night. Hurrah!

If guests aren’t on the dance-floor, then their chat can still fill the room and create a ‘buzz’.

Plus, bar-goers are more likely to be tempted onto the dance-floor when they hear a song they love if they’re actually in the same room to hear it!

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Don’t start the party too early:

After the wedding breakfast, allow a bit of time for your guests to relax before the band strikes up.

Most people need to warm up post meal, perhaps have a few drinkies, and get dancefloor-confident before getting down! This is the perfect time to think about cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet, or even heading out for some more portrait photographs.

Likewise, on a lovely summer evening, it can be a big ask to pull your guests in from the outdoors before the sun goes down. A professional band will be happy to be flexible.

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Upgrade your first dance:

This is one of your big moments, and it will be such a big memory.

Delivered live, your first dance song is even more emotional. Ask your band if they can perform a live rendition of your chosen song, and check what they can offer with their line up (they might not be able to reproduce a full strings section, for example!).

It will take your first dance to a new level, we promise!

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Music v Food:

If you want everyone to enjoy your band to the max, serve your evening food before or in-between sets. For hungry wedding guests, Beyoncé herself could not compete with a buffet table or pizza oven, and there’s nothing more appealing to a British crowd than a queue for food!

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Most importantly, enjoy!

Live music is such a wonderful part of your wedding day, so remember to enjoy it and be a part of it.

Losing yourself in the music, good times with your friends and family, and the incredible feeling of each moment is what you’ll remember.

Don’t fret about the small stuff – just get on that dance-floor and show them how it’s done!

Love, as always,

Team Hooton Pagnell Hall x

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