Meet the team: Introducing our newest recruit…
Meet the team: Introducing our newest recruit…
Publish Date:
November 18, 2020
Ella Marie Stubbs

Drumroll, please!

Say “Baa!” to Hooton Pagnell Estate’s newest recruit, “Rogan”, the Hebridean Ram.

Rogan is the new ram to join our flock of Hebridean sheep. As you can see below, he is photographed with his new friends and family, settling into his new Yorkshire home just perfectly!

You can distinguish Rogan from the other sheep, as he actually has two pairs of horns.

To give you a little back story, the breed originates from the Isle of St Kilda, located just off the coast of Scotland. Hebrideans feed on seaweed on the foreshore at low tide and rough grasses. They are known to be slightly smaller than most other breeds of sheep, and their wool even greys with age!

Our flock, as you can imagine, lead a much more comfortable life, grazing the grass around the edge of the Hooton Pagnell village cricket pitch.

They are well known locally and often feature in local directions, such as ‘when you get to the field with the black sheep you turn right’. Do keep an eye out for Rogan if you’re popping by!

rogan the ram
rogan the ram

We do hope that today’s journal post has bought a little cheer to your Wednesday morning; I think we could all do with a little smile this week.

Love, as always, team Hooton Pagnell Hall x

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