Preparing For Your Viewing at Hooton Pagnell Hall
Preparing For Your Viewing at Hooton Pagnell Hall
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March 23, 2021
Ella Marie Stubbs

We will soon be able to welcome you back – (fingers crossed!)

Hello! How are you?

This lockdown has certainly felt like a long one, don’t you think? We’re holding onto the lighter, milder days in hope that all of this ‘COVID-19’ era will soon be a distant memory. We will be able to host precious days again, and our venue, will once again be filled with laughter, love; friends and family.

What a magical, well deserved time that will be for us all!

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In Preparation for the ease of Lockdown, we will be sharing a little guide ‘Preparing for your Viewing at Hooton Pagnell Hall’

This will hopefully just keep you in-the-know about some procedures that will be in place for your viewing at Hooton Pagnell Hall – and, although it won’t yet be quite the same as normal, we do hope that you will at least be able to get a true feel and insight into weddings at Hooton Pagnell Hall.

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Firstly, please remember to schedule your exclusive appointment with us!

Over the upcoming weeks and months, we expect to be super (duper!) busy, catching up with over a years’ worth of appointments, scheduled viewings. Wow, we’re going to be busy! However, we will always find time for you.

Whether you are already due to be getting married with us, would like to take a peek at our beautiful new rooms, or would like to book your first viewing at Hooton Pagnell Hall – please pop an email to

If you already have something in the diary – then lovely! Nick will be in contact with any up-to-date information and will look forward to meeting you, so soon.

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You will have to wear a mask

Until we’re informed as to when we don’t have to wear masks anymore, which will hopefully, be June 21st, we will require you to wear a mask. We know this can be a faff, but this is as much for your own safety, as it is for our own.

If you are exempt, please let us know by popping us an email to, prior to your scheduled, exclusive appointment.

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Social Distancing

We’re very, very lucky to have an absolute abundance of space. This will make ‘social distancing’ an absolute breeze – Pardon the pun!

We will maintain our space, but please remember, to ask away with questions, take pictures of our grounds, and take your time to take it all in.

Hopefully, we will be back sipping cups of tea and raiding the biscuit jar, very soon.

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Rose Room – Hooton Pagnell Hall


For your own peace of mind, we will have lots (and lots!) of sanitisation stations across the venue. Please also know that we are tip-top with keeping places safe, clean and hygienic. Again, this is so you don’t have to worry Your safety is our up-most priority!

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Just the two of you

We’re still waiting on exact numbers, but we do expect that viewings will be limited to a couple only and then your ‘bubble’ – we will of course, keep you updated on this over the next couple of months.

We would love for everybody to come at once, but given the current rules, this will, unfortunately, be restricted for a little while longer. Again, if you have any queries, please get in touch.

Just to also remind you, your viewing will be for you and you only – meaning you will have the venue to just the two of you (or your bubble) and one of our lovely team members.

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We can’t wait to reunite!

For now, we think that is everything! We truly can’t wait to see you all.

We’re always just an email or phone call away, so just let us know if you have any worries (or to tell us how excited you are!). We hope that you will feel as safe as possible when you visit, but we also hope it doesn’t take away from the magic of visiting us at Hooton Pagnell Hall.

Remember, you can follow us on Instagram for a flurry of inspiration – or have a scroll through our journal to peek at some sublime editorials and a read of our ‘top tips’!

Love, as always. Takc care!

Team Hooton Pagnell Hall x

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