“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”
Publish Date:
December 9, 2020
Ella Marie Stubbs

‘Engagement Season’ is upon us!

Hello, good morning!

The December chill has really crept in this past week, don’t you think?

It may just be my wishful thinking of a white Christmas (pretty please!), but I’m enjoying finding the excuse to indulge in warming, extra-large hot chocolates, after a long stroll with the pup.

I hope that you’re having a truly wonderful start to the month and that the festive cheer is starting to feel very real.

For many, December is such a magical, family orientated and joyous time. It’s true that when December reaches and the glittering Christmas lights are up, that there is something that just makes it the oh-so-perfect time to propose; family and friends unite, it’s the season of giving and, undoubtedly, love.

Yes, ‘Engagement Season’ is an actual thing! Which will most likely explain the spike in those beautiful engagement ring photographs, that you will be seeing an abundance of on your Instagram and Facebook newsfeeds.

The term ‘Engagement Season’ refers to the period when there is an increased spike in the number of engagements. This occurs from late November up till February, covering the beautiful festive period through to the day of love, Valentine’s day.

If you’re new to our pretty pages and recently engaged, then “hello and congratulations!” what a wonderful time this is for you. Feel free to have a scroll around our galleries, weddings page and journal, we hope that you will find lots of information to guide you into this crazy, yet gorgeous wedding world.

So, happy engagement season everyone! It really is the most magical, wonderful time of the year…

Love, as always, team Hooton Pagnell Hall x

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