We’re ‘Good to Go’!
We’re ‘Good to Go’!
Publish Date:
September 2, 2020
Ella Marie Stubbs

There’s no denying that the past few months have been incredibly difficult, and for a whole abundance of reasons, too. Not been able to spend time with beloved friends and family, attending special celebrations, or even just the simpler things in life, such as popping out for your morning coffee and flick through a good book.

Having the freedom removed to do all of the above (and more!), along with the devastating impact of COVID-19 has probably left the majority of us scared as to what the future will hold and more worried about our health and well-being than ever. So, as the world re-opens step by step, we have to take the steps moving forward to ensure that we’re as safe as possible, whilst of course, allowing you to do your most favourite things.

Relaxing, spending time with family and friends, travel and exploration.

This is why we’re ever so delighted to announce that at Hooton Pagnell Hall, we have received our accreditation to say that we’re ‘Good to Go’! Whether you’re enjoying a well-deserved staycation with the family, or treating your other half to a blissful night away, we hope that this will give you the confidence to enjoy our little slice of the serene Yorkshire countryside.

Our team has been hard at work, and we have spent a lot of time ensuring that your health is our priority. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your hotel stays, just as you did all those months ago! Things may be a little different with us here at Hooton Pagnell Hall, and we are all certainly still adjusting to this new ‘normal’, but we can ensure that you will be looked after and in an environment where it is possible to enjoy your leisure time. We all know how important that is!

So, a thank you to our ever so wonderful team, who work tirelessly to clean, launder, sterilise rooms and everything else in between. A thank you to those who also have continued to support us during these tricky and uncertain times. It means the world and more. Thank you.

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Hooton Pagnell Hall is ‘Good to Go’

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