Renovation Stories. ‘Hall Suites’, at a glance
Renovation Stories. ‘Hall Suites’, at a glance
Publish Date:
September 8, 2020
Ella Marie Stubbs

Introducing our new, beautiful bedrooms.

Hello, Happy Tuesday! How are you?

We’re ever-so delighted that you have landed on the pages of our journal, as we have some rather exciting news for you. Welcome to our first ‘Renovation Stories’ feature!

Opening up our historical family home, Hooton Pagnell Hall has been a truly exciting and magical story for us. From recognising that a beautiful old hall like this needs a purpose beyond just a family home, to everything that has followed. The renovations of our characterful bedrooms in the West-Wing, and, seeing the Tithe Barn transform into the elegant space it is today. It has been quite the journey.

As you’ve probably already gathered, we love a project, and our next one is very nearly complete! Drumroll please…

Our ‘Hall Suites’ are the next phase of four bedrooms to be designed at Hooton Pagnell Hall. Each en-suite room is currently been beautifully renovated, retaining the original, stunning character, with a new-found elegance and playfulness.

Take a little peek at some of our progress photos, we’re overjoyed to be sharing them with you today. They may not tell much at the moment, but a lot of hard work, hours of plumbing, plastering and painting has seen these rooms transform. Just look at that intricate tiling!

At long last, the end is (finally) in sight. We reckon it’s going to be glorious.

Hall Suites at Hooton Pagnell Hall

This was a house built for entertaining, family and happy, beautiful occasions – the spacious rooms felt like they needed to be filled with laughter, happy chatter and clinking glasses again. Thousands have now passed through our South-Yorkshire countryside estate over the last couple of years for special stays, work-breaks, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and so much more. We can’t wait for all 9 of our lovely bedrooms to be open to guests, both old and new.

At its heart, the house is still a family home, but we love the fact that so many have been able to call it their home, if only for a couple of days.

Stay tuned for more of our renovation updates, love, Team Hooton Pagnell Hall, x

Hey, remember we have our ‘Good to Go’ accreditation, so we promise that all of our bedrooms are COVID-19 safe, as well as serene.

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